Texas Dulcimer Chorus. Pittsburg, Texas

December 8 - Marathon Day

This coming Friday, December 8th, we are scheduled to play at the Mt. Vernon House retirement home.
The address is 502 Meadowpark Drive, Mt. Vernon TX 75457.
Our play will start at 10 a.m. so get there in time to sit down and tune up. We don't have to be in a big hurry at this play except for the fact that they start setting up for their lunch around 11.
You shouldn't have to bring a chair for this play.

Lunch will be kind of left up to you. At our house on Saturday, most were in agreement to go to a Pizza place in downtown Mt. Vernon. There is also another place that has soups, sandwiches and salads. So, bring your lunch or your billfold and you wont starve.

The last play of the day is at the First National Bank in downtown Mt. Vernon. The address is 101 Main Street, Mt Vernon.
We are scheduled to play there at 1 p.m. You won't need to bring a chair there either. In fact, unless we decide to play outside somewhere, looks like this is a day that we won't HAVE to bring a chair. Since my chair is easy to carry, I'll probably stick it in my car just in case.

There is a PDF of the set list here or just read on.

Now, the 2017 Program is:

  1. You are my Sunshine- We will play it a total of 3 times:
    • Play the chorus without singing
    • Play and sing 1st verse and chorus
    • End by singing the chorus again.
    Remember the verse and the chorus are the same, so when in doubt just play the song. I will try to remember to tell the audience that we'll play it through first and then ask that they join in with us. Remember to play softer when singing is involved.
  2. Wildwood Flower- play 3 times (and those who can play harmony parts, please do so)
  3. Silver Bells- Key of G (use your capo on the 3rd fret) John Goodman will be singing this song on the verses and we'll softly join in with him on the chorus. ( I don't have a good songsheet for this yet.)
  4. Parson / Holt special (when our specials are being presented, if possible be attentive and look their directions)
  5. Away in a Manger
    • Play through once
    • Sing first verse
    • Sing 2nd verse (the one where it says 'the cattle are lowing , the baby awakes...) ( We won't play the other verses for time sake.)
  6. Go Tell it on the Mountain:
    • We will start out playing the chorus part
    • Then play the verse and chorus for the Hammers to come in and take a break on the Verse and chorus (mountains play softly)
    • Then we all play and sing one verse and chorus....remember to end the song with TWO strong beats to stop!
  7. Jingle Bells
    • start on the chorus
    • then play and sing verse 1 (dashing through the snow) and chorus
    • then play and sing verse 2 (the verse about Miss Fanny Bright) and chorus to end it!
  8. Hammer Dulcimer special
  9. First Noel
    • play through once
    • Then play and sing verses 1 and chorus and verse 2 and chorus. (verse 2 is the one where 'they looked up and saw a star...'
  10. Silent Night
    • play through once
    • play and sing 1st and last verse

Put your music in order in a folder where they won't fall out. Pay attention to the song that's called. If our time is going too long, I may drop a song or two. This isn't a hard program, but it is a bit pay attention and don't zone out. ha.

As with any performance, watch and listen to your leaders. If you know the song, that's great. If you know the song real good and can play it faster than anyone else, don't! We have to stay together. We are blessed with good bass players that won't steer us wrong- listen to them too. If you don't know some of the songs, at least pretend you do. ha. I mean, don't fold your hands on your lap. Keep a pleasant look on your face because the odds are great that if you are enjoying yourself, your audience will enjoy it too!

Wear your Club shirt. If you don't have one, wear a red or green shirt.

Wear your best SMILE and look like you are having a good time!

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