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Dulcimer Resources

Mountain Dulcimer Tabs

Here are some sites where you can get tablature on hundreds of songs, many of them in multiple tunings. The tab is free for your personal use and for use and distribution by dulcimer clubs.

Everything Dulcimer has ceased operation, but the site still has its contents zipped up into files that you can download.
Jam 'N Folk Tablature Page
Barbara Gregory's Tablature Page
Doofus Music Tablature

Hammered Dulcimer Mailing List

This mailing list is dedicated to anything related to the hammer(ed) dulcimer, including, but not limited to

  • playing
  • buying
  • festivals
  • music
  • techniques
  • building, repairing, maintaining
  • more ...

The list is populated by hammer dulcimer afficianados of all stripes from "thinking about getting one" to professional performers and teachers.

Tune Resources

One of the best resources I have found for finding tunes is JC's Tune Finder. There you can look up tunes by title fragment and get a listing of tunes that fit that search pattern. The site provides the tunes as standard notation in PostScript or PDF, MIDI, or ABC (more about which below) formats. This is very handy when you hear a wonderful tune on a CD and want to get sheet music for it. It's also useful when you see discussion of a tune on a forum or mailing list, and want to hear how it sounds.

Other useful repositories are

ABC Notation

ABC is a form of music notation that's fairly easy to enter and edit from the keyboard, and is very compact to save or send by email, as it is entirely normal ASCII characters. There is plenty of software available to play (via MIDI), display in standard notation (usually PDF), edit, and transpose, on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux box. There are even ABC players for some smart phones. Find out more about it at the ABC Notation site.

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